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Matt-san U.K [6 month with 50 lessons course]


Matt-san U.K
6 month with 50 lessons course

Q1. motivation for learning Japanese language?

I work in an industry which is a rapidly growing market in japan, so knowing Japanese will soon be a Crucial skill for my job, with me eventually looking at living in Japan for work. I’ve also a strong personal interest

Q2.What issues do you have on studying Japanese?

No consistent and reliable ways to be able to check that how I wrote and spoke what I learned was correct and natural-sounding, or how to put together what I’d learnt into complete sentences.

Q3. What made you decide to study with us ?

The staff! They’ve been fantastic every step of the way, from the very first contact I received. The level of service provided has been superb

Q4. What do you think about studying with us?

My tutor is fantastic – she’s patient, able to answer any questions I have, and sets the perfect lessons for my ability – not too easy, and not too difficult

Q5. Do you have any requests to improve your study with us?

Perhaps a little more time to review the day’s lesson at the end, although homework usually covers this anyway.

Q6. Is the lesson level appropriate?

Yes, absolutely. The tutor seems to know my level better than I do!

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