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Welcome To Our Japanese Online School !!

Our Online School offers online 1:1 Japanese lessons with English support to anyone, anywhere in the world via Skype. Nihongo Online School private Skype lessons are perfect for anyone who wants a personalized and effective remote studying experience.
Learn from qualified teachers, who can also communicate with you in English, and use original course material to improve your Japanese language level all from the comfort of your home.

Testimonials From Our Students Completed Our Lessons

Gupta-san India
Completed 150 hours of study Japanese

When I started looking for Japanese schools, I noticed most required 150 hours of study. Therefore, I started looking into online schools that accept beginner students completely. Due to my busy work schedule, my study schedule was limited to 2 one-hour classes per week with minimal homework. This is one reason why completing 150 hours of study took me a long time. By the end of the course, I could see myself making improvements. I could read hiragana and katakana slowly, chat about daily work and personal life, and, more importantly, understand many words being spoken in videos, animes, and movies I watched in Japanese. Blog “Completed 150 Hours of Studying Japanese”

Galane-san France
Completed 150 hours of study Japanese(6 month)

I had a meeting with someone from Nihongo Online School to discuss my needs and the opportunities the school could offer me. They really seemed to want to create the best possible program to help me achieve the 150 hours I needed to do. We quickly planned our sessions around my schedule, and from then on I had lessons three times a week with a teacher in one-on-one sessions. During these sessions, we spoke in Japanese,but the teacher could speak a little English if necessary. We also discussed various topics related (or not) to the lessons in Japanese and I felt I made a lot of progress thanks to having to express myself in Japanese.

Ben-san The U.S
12 month with 150 lessons course

I only studied at home by myself before signing up for Nihongo Online School, so my knowledge has been pretty basic, theoretical and pretty random. I needed more structure, boundaries and deadlines through a teacher, and conversation practice to force me to say real sentences with proper grammar.
The good points are being able to practice my speaking with someone that can help me with my mistakes. I’ve enjoyed all my lessons so far with Natsumi-sensei. The lesson level has been appropriate, have been going well.

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*An offline lesson=Home work
-There is a one-time registration fee of 25,000 JPY. If would like to extend the course, an additional registration fee is not needed.
-The above prices are without tax. Payment is accepted via credit card or bank transfer. Most students pay all at once, but payment can also be accepted in up to 3 installments.

Effective And Quick Way Of Learning Japanese

Tailored plan and lessons to your own needs

Instead of a standardized, fixed curriculum, lessons are customized based on student’s needs and goals .We ensure that students have as much time to speak as possible. You will solidify your grammatical knowledge with 2 hours of homework every lessons, and in lessons you will practice conversations based on scenarios that you will use frequently in your daily life. So, You can reach the conversation level required in the daily life in a short period of time.

Certificate for studying abroad in Japan

Once all classes and assignments have been completed for this period, students will receive a certificate of completion which prove that student have done 150 hours of Japanese language. Which help you when you apply for studying in Japan.

Private & Flexible Japanese Online Lessons

All lessons are private 1:1 lessons with a qualified instructor over Skype. Nihongo Online School works with each student’s schedule to provide lessons at times that work best for you.

Extensive follow-up by dedicated instructors

One instructor is in charge of each student from the beginning to the end of the course. This system is different from another online school in which the instructor changes each time a lesson is taken. Therefore, we will propose a lesson plan that will keep students motivated to learn and improve their conversation skills, taking into consideration the students’ homework situation, learning progress, level of proficiency, and personality.

System to visualize the growth of Japanese language level

We regularly measure the conversational ability of our students through the “10-step conversation level test” and the “JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Online Mock Test. This allows to quantitatively check the effect of learning and visualize the degree of growth of the students’ Japanese conversation skills. Please feel free to contact us for a free Japanese level check and trial lesson.

Understanding your Japanese level and what you can do in your daily life will help you set and achieve your goals.

Without a proper understanding of your Japanese level, it’s difficult to fully understand what you’re capable of, or where you need to be aiming for. We have a clear level structure that helps you set and achieve your goals. Please see the chart below to get an idea of their levels.

*Based on the OPI level criteria, we will evaluate your conversational ability on a scale of 10.

Relevant to over 1,000 students data, this shows
Conversation level and what you can do in daily life.

JLPT level Conversation skill level What you can do in daily life
Beginner Level JLPT N5 or equivalent
(Minimum level required for daily living)
1 Can use a few fixed phrases such as “Hello (Kon-nichiwa)” or “My name is XXX “
2 Can use simple phrases about your daily routines, such as “My work starts at X o’clock”
3 Can give short answers to questions commonly used in daily life, such as “When is your day off?
Intermediate Level N4~N3 or equivalent
(A level at which one can manage to have a conversation with Japanese colleagues ~ A level at which one can smoothly communicate with Japanese colleagues )
4 A level at which communication is somehow possible if a Japanese colleague speaks slowly.
Can answer simple questions like, “What do you do?” or “Where do you work?
5 A level at which communication is somehow possible if a Japanese colleague speaks slowly.
Can understand about 30%-40% of the content of conversations during meetings. Can explain briefly about one’ s own job duties.
6 A level where one can have a relatively smooth conversation with a Japanese colleague.
Can understand about 60~70% or more of the content of conversations during meetings.
Can explain one’ s job duties in detail.
Advanced Level N2~N1 or equivalent
(A level at which one can smoothly communicate with Japanese colleagues ~ A level at which one can hold meetings with clients by oneself.)
7 Can communicate smoothly with Japanese employees without any problems.
Can understand 80% or more of the content of conversations during meetings. Can convey one’s thoughts logically and persuade others.
8 Can explain clearly without getting stuck on words.
Can keep up with social and professional topics.
Can use honorific expressions (Keigo) well enough to handle client interactions on one’s own.
Super Level Near native level of Japanese. 9 Near native level of Japanese.
Can understand proverbs and other unique phrases but have difficulty using them.
10 Can communicate as well as a Japanese person with business experience.

Course Curriculum customized Efficiently improving your Japanese Conversation skills

Conversation Proficiency Check

10-step conversation proficiency test to check your level of proficiency.


Conversation-oriented lessons given by qualified and experienced instructors


Students are required to submit 2 hours of assignments for each lesson.

Motivation management

Lessons are designed to keep students focused on their level and personality.

By supporting students with these four features, students are able to efficiently improve Japanese language skills.

Our Text Book




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Afterwards, you will have time to ask your teacher for advice about your future studies.


Signup And Payment

After the trial lesson, the counselor will propose a curriculum that fits your needs.

If everything seems fine, please sign up and pay for our one-on-one course.

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