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Sam-san The U.S [6 month with 50 lessons course]


Students: Sam-san The U.S
6 month with 50 lessons course

Class has been going well. It has been mostly review with the grammar which is needed as I need the practice. Natsumi-sensei has been great!

Q1. motivation for learning Japanese language?

My motivation for learning Japanese is to eventually pass the JLPT1 and become a translator (patents or media). Japanese language was one of my majors at University of Oregon and I concentrated on reading and writing.

Q2.What issues do you have on studying Japanese?

The main issues I have with studying is formal classes for higher levels have start times that conflict with my current work schedule. I am able to take night classes but once the first two years of instruction are finished, all N3 and higher curriculum is during working hours.

Q3. What made you decide to study with us ?

I was looking at doing immersion studying in Japan for at least a year before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I also wanted my knowledge to be around N3 before I make the commitment of acquiring my student visa. If online school continues to work well for me, it may replace studying in Japan.

Q4. What do you think about studying with us?

The good points are being able to practice my speaking with someone that can help me with my mistakes. I’ve enjoyed all my lessons so far with Natsumi-sensei. I don’t have any requests at this time.The lesson level has been appropriate. The lessons have been going well.

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