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Salome-san Switzerland [6 month with 50 lessons course]


Q1. motivation for learning Japanese language?

I moved to Japan last year and even though I picked up some of the language throughout my life and the past year, my knowledge is very scattered and not organized. To be able to communicate with Japanese people, be able to work in my field more here, and to be able to make more Japanese friends here and learn more about the culture, it is very important for me to learn the Japanese language properly and seriously.

Q2.What issues do you have on studying Japanese?

I only studied at home by myself before signing up for Nihongo Online School, so my knowledge has been pretty basic, theoretical and pretty random. I needed more structure, boundaries and deadlines through a teacher, and conversation practice to force me to say real sentences with proper grammar.

Q3. What made you decide to study with us ?

I was looking for a man-to-man course, but because of the Coronavirus crisis I decided not to do in-person classes. Then I saw an ad for Nihongo Online School through Gaijinpot and I liked the look of your website, and reviews for the regular language school programs from your school were very good. When I inquired about classes your answers were very quick and professional so I decided to sign up.

Q4. What do you think about studying with us?

I like that it’s very convenient for me, since I can take the classes from home and all communication and homework is online. I really appreciate Adachi Sensei’s way of teaching so far, she recognizes when I have trouble with something and will make me practice that more, while when she sees that I already know something she will not lose time with that. I do like to fit as many lessons into the course as possible.

Q5. Do you have any requests to improve your study with us?

So far I’m very happy and do not have any requests.

Q6. Is the lesson level appropriate?

So far I think so.

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