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Ryu-san from China, study Business Japanese [4 month with 30 lessons]


Q1. Before attending the course, please tell us about the challenges and problems you felt.

My main job at the moment is the design and development of new products for IT systems.I am in charge of developing our own products, but I used to work mainly in-house and have few opportunities to use Japanese.I can read and write Japanese somehow, but I couldn’t speak Japanese good enough to talk to clients.I want to challenge myself to work outside the company, such as proposing products to customers, supporting introductions, and supporting, so my goal is to be able to meet with customers, explain products, and make suggestions.

Q2.How was the curriculum and learning content?

I think the curriculum and learning content are very good for me.
The learning content can be taught according to the individual’s Japanese level and goal. I can study not only simple Japanese but also Japanese used in actual work. I can strengthen what I studied with homework. Azuma-sensei was very kind and helped me to gain confidence in my Japanese in about three months, even though I can’t speak much at first.During the lesson, she quickly found problems with Japanese grammar and pronunciation and taught me how to improve them.Thank you very much.
About Teacher Muramoto, In the last month, he taught me how to explain our company’s products and company.I felt that Mr. Muramoto was very professional, for example: he made an effective plan to achieve the goal in one month.When explaining the product, he checked and corrected all the pronunciation and appearance. In addition, he taught me how to do product sales. I was able to explain the product and company fluently in one month. Thank you very much, Mr. Muramoto.

Q3. How was your progress after completed the course?

Before taking the course, I had been self-taught in Japanese for four years, but I was always worried that I could not speak Japanese very well. After taking the course for about four months, I gained confidence in speaking Japanese. Furthermore, in the past, I could not have meetings and proposals with customers because I could not speak Japanese well. Now, I can gradually explain products and answer questions at proposal meetings with customers.

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