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Paulina-san Mexico


Paulina-san Mexico

Q1.What issues do you have on studying Japanese?

I start with apps like Duolingo, LingoDeer, Hello Talk, and with free websites and courses that I found in Facebook, but unfortunately, I’m not an autodidact, so I need someone to guide me. I enrolled in a school here in Mexico that we could say is the most “prestigious” for studying an asian language, their founder and director is Japanese and they have an “increased value” just because their teachers are native (the 90% were mixed, Mexico – Japones, and the 70% never had been in Japan or they went like 2 months). Of course, just because you are native doesn’t mean that you know how to teach or that you understand how your language works, and that’s what it was, there was eight Japanese professors and only three have my respects as teachers, the other ones only read the book and repeat what was writed in a horrible and unreadable powerpoint. 

Q2. What made you decide to study with us ?

When I was looking for another school, I remember that a few years ago Go! Go! Nihon added an option for online schools, recently they added courses from another schools and theirs but, as a school, you were and still being the one and only option. I did a research about you and ask my father if he could help me with the payment, because you are really expensive, altough is better to learn the language from a real native, in the exact country and with someone that it’s actually capable. Being honest I didn’t look for another school, y trusted in Go! Go! Nihon and had faith on you.

Q3. Could you tell us about your lesson experience, how to proceed lessons with teachers, materials and so on?

Actually I have no complaints about lessons, the teacher who was assigned to me is really nice, she supports me, is comprehensive and is patient with me, because some times my brain just turn off or the language barrier appear and complicate a little bit the situation, but I have been a year and four months with her and I have learned more than the year that I was in the other school. The fact that she speaks to me mostly in japanese has helped me to improve my listening, most of the time I don’t understand her but when I do, I get so happy, is the same feeling when there’s a dorama or videogame and catch one of the phrases.

Q4. Do you have any requests to improve your study with us?

My only request could be that the students could have a book of exercises, or a book to improve your reading. I mean, if you ask them for more excersices they’ll give you, but not what you expect or need, just to practice more than the exercises of the main book or the exercise book.

Also, there’s no discount for students with student seniority? Just kidding, meanwhile you don’t increase your price, we are good.

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