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Gina-san The U.S [3 month with 25 lessons course]


Students: Gina-san The U.S
3 month with 25 lessons course

Q1. motivation for learning Japanese language?

My future goal is to go to University in Japan and stay for a long time.

Q2.What issues do you have on studying Japanese?

My parents were against me going to Japan and I did not have the opportunity to properly study Japanese, but they finally gave into my wishes. Also, I have only every self studied until now, so I have never had proper Japanese education.

Q3. What made you decide to study with us ?

I finally got the chance to study in Japan at a Japanese language school, but could not go because of the pandemic. This lead me to find other methods of study and I found this online school.

Q4. What do you think about studying with us?

The pros of this online lesson is that I get to learn from a teacher one on one. All the attention is on me and the lesson flow is able to match my needs and the speed can also match my needs.

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