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Free of charge! Summary of Japanese language materials for Japanese learner


There are many types of Japanese-language materials for foreigners, and some students may have a hard time deciding what to choose and how to go about selecting the right one. This article introduces a number of free Japanese language learning materials that are often used in Japanese language schools to help such people choose the right Japanese language materials.

Easy Japanese Easy Japanese Conversation
Easy Japanese” is a website operated by NHK where you can learn “Easy Japanese” for free. There are more than 40 lessons, and you can enjoy studying conversations commonly used in daily life while watching animated videos. All videos have subtitles and furigana, so even beginners can learn with ease.

▼Life Japanese Textbook: Nadeshiko Japanese
This is a Japanese language textbook provided by the Kobe International Community Center. It is designed for foreigners living in Japan to learn Japanese administrative systems that they should know and Japanese language necessary for situations they face in daily life in Japan in a short period of time in a concentrated manner. The course covers introductory and beginner level to intermediate level Japanese.

▼JF Nihongo e-Learning Minato
This is an online Japanese study site provided by the Japan Foundation. There are two types of courses available: a free “self-study course” and a paid “course with teacher support,” which can be selected according to the learning style that suits you best. There is also a community where students can interact with each other and find friends who share the common topic of Japan. This is ideal for those who are too busy to attend school or for those who want to start learning Japanese on a trial basis.

Irodori: Japanese for everyday life
Irodori” is a free online textbook produced by the Japan Foundation for International Cooperation. You can download and use it for free. The content is mainly conversations that appear in daily life in Japan, so you can learn basic Japanese communication necessary for daily life and work. It is available in 15 languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Ukrainian, etc.

▼ Original Textbook of Japanese Language Classes for Foreign Residents
This textbook is provided by the Kyoto Prefectural International Center Foundation. It is designed to help foreign residents acquire the basic level of Japanese communication skills necessary for living in Japan.

There is no single textbook that will be sufficient for all Japanese-language classes, so it may be best to combine or use several different textbooks according to the needs , such as your Japanese level and objectives. We hope you will find this information useful in your selection of teaching materials.

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