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Chapter 8 [Introduction Types of verb & Forms of verb]


In this article, we introduce ■1, Types of verb and ■2,Forms of verb.

■1, Introduction Types of verb

In Japanese, there are three verb types. They are divided into Group 1, 2, and 3.

①Group 1 verbs end in “u”. (ex: yomu, asobu, kaku, oyogu)

②Group 2 verbs end in “iru” or “eru“. (ex:taberu,neru,hashiru)

③Group 3 verbs are くる (to come) and する (to do). In addition, any words that end in “する” also appear in this group.(ex: けっこんする to get married さんぽする to go for a walk) 

■2, Introduction Forms of verb

There are five forms of Japanese verbs and usages

じしょform: Basic form of verb

①ます-form: polite

て-form: connect sentences

た-form: shows past action

④ない-form: negative form

Verb(Group①、②、③) will be changed depends on forms of verb.

From next article, we study for understanding how does verb change and practice it .

Lesson 1 ますform

Lesson 2てform 

Lesson 3たform

Lesson 4ないform 

Trial Lesson