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[basic Post particles]Lesson7-9 〜の、〜と、〜も


Lesson 7~の Indicates Possessive 

You learn how to explain “の=possession” in Japanese.

✅ の=possession

The Japanese particle の(no) indicate to show possession. A is belong to someone/something

such as…

my house わたし  いえ

your book あなた  ほん

Here is some examples.

★Let’s exercise


Korewa, dareno kaban desuka?

Whose bag is this?


Korewa, yamadasan no kabandesu.

It is Mr.Yamada’s bag.


Korewa, dareno hon desuka?

Whose book is this?


Korewa, watashino hon desu.

This is my book.


Korewa watashino iedesu.

This is my house.

Lesson 8~と And/With 

You learn how to explain “と= and/with” in Japanese.

✅ と= and/with

This 2 pattern usages you should remember!

The Japanese particle と (to) is used to connect two nouns in a sentence. It is translated as “①and” in English.

The Japanese particle と can also be used to say “②with or together with”.


①and: A and B AB

②with: I marry with her. かのじょ  けっこんする。

Here is some examples.

★Let’s exercise


Karerawa, nanijin desuka?

Who are they from? 


Jorgesan to Lisasanwa, americajin desu.

Mr. Jorge and Ms. Lisa both are American.


Ekide, dare to aimashitaka?

Who did you meet at station? 


Watashiwa, tomodachi to ekide aimashita.

I met with my friend at the station.


Watashiwa sensei to, nihongono rensyuu wo shimasu.

I practice speaking Japanese with teacher.

Lesson 9~も Too/Also/As well

も is similar to the English words “too” or “also.” 


too, also

A is student. B is student, too.

Aは、がくせいです。B がくせいです。

Here is some examples.

★Let’s exercise


Jorgesanwa Americajindesu. Lisasan mo Americajindesu.

Mr.Jorge is American. Ms.Lisa is American too.


Kyouwa haredesu. Ashita mo haredesu. 

It is sunny today. Tomorrow will be sunny too.  


Kinouwa yasumideshita. Ototoi mo yasumideshita. 

It was day off yesterday. The day before yesterday was also day off too.


Kyouwa shigotodesu. Ashita mo asatte mo shigotodesu. 

I have a work today, I have a work tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too.

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