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Lesson 5 Can I ~ ? 〜てもいいですか?


Lesson 5~てもいいですか? Can I ~ ?

・[permission] Usage

Give permission→ you can V:Vて(で)もいいです

Ask permission→ can I V ?: Vて(で)もいいですか

・[Please] Usage

Ask to do something→ Please V ? :Vて(で)ください

Ask to do not something→ Please don’t V :Vないでください

・[have to] Usage

Don’t have to V、Not necessary to V :Vなくてもいいです

have to V : Vなければならない

・[prohibited] Usage

Something is prohibited→ you must not V :Vて(で)はいけません

・[proposal] Usage

Proposal to do something together, with→ Shall we V ? Let’s V ! :Vませんか?Vましょう


Shasin wo tottemo iidesuka?

Can I take a picture here?


Iie, shasin wo toranaidekudasai.

No, please don’t take a picture.


Kono kouende, soccer wo shitemo iidesuka?

Can I play soccer in this park?


Iie, shinaidekudasai.

No, please don’t play soccer here.


Michide tabakowo suttewa ikemasen.

You must not smoke cigarette on the street. 


Denshanonakade, denwawo shitewaikemasen

You must not make a phone call on the train.


Beer wo nomimasenka?

Shall we drink a beer ?


Nijini aimashou.

Let’s meet at 2 pm.

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