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interrogative-Lesson 6なんで? Why


In this article, you learn how to explain なんで(=どうして or なぜ)= why~? in Japanese. we often use in daily life and business scene for asking “reason”.

★ Japanese say “why” in 3 patterns, all are same meaning, but people use it depends on the situation. なんで(nande), どうして(doushite), なぜ(naze). please add ですかdesuka end of them when you ask others why.

・なんで is most frankly saying, you can use it to friends, don’t use it to your boss at company.

※if you want to ask why to your boss, please say どうして(doushite)ですかdesuka?, なぜ(naze)ですかdesuka?

・Why is N? なんでNですか?

・Why do you V? なんでVますか? 

Here is some examples.

★Let’s exercise

Q:なんで(=どうして or なぜ)にほんご を 

べんきょう していますか?

Nande(doushite or naze) nihongo wo benkyou Shiteimasuka?

Why do you study Japanese?


Nihon de hataraku tamedesu.

To work in Japan.

Q:なんで(=どうして or なぜ)きのう、学校(がっこう)をやすみましたか?

Nande(doushite or naze)kinou, gakkouwo yasumimashitaka? 

Why were you absent from school yesterday? 


Onakaga itakatta karadesu. 

It was because I got stomachache.

Q: なんで(=どうして or なぜ)会社(かいしゃ)


Nande(doushite or naze) kaisha wo 


Why did you quit the company? 

A: お金(かね)があまりもらえなかったからです。

Okane ga amari moraenakatta karadesu.

Because I couldn’t get enough money.

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