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interrogative-Lesson 4だれ? Who


You learn how to explain “だれ、どなた=who… ” in Japanese.

✅ だれ(dare)~=who~?

・Who is N? →  Nはだれ(どなた)ですか?  ※donata is more polite saying than dare.

・Whose N? → だれのNですか?

Here is some examples.

★Let’s exercise


Anohitowa  Dare(donata) desuka?

Who is that person?


Anohitowa, suzukisan desu.

She is Ms. Suzuki.

Q:それは、だれ(どなた)の ほんですか?

Sorewa, Dare(donata)no hon desuka?

Whose book is it?

A: ミラーさんのほんです。

Millar san no hondesu.

It is Mr. Millar’s book.

Q: だれ(どなた)に プレゼントをあげますか?

Dare(donata)ni present wo agemasuka?

Who do you give present to?

A: ミラーさんにあげます。

Millar san ni agemasu.

I give it to Mr. Millar.

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