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interrogative – Lesson 2 どこ~? Where 


Lesson 2どこ~? Where 

In this article, You can learn how to explain “どこ〜=where… ” in Japanese. We often use interrogative word in daily conversations when i ask something. It’s very simple and often used, so let’s remember this!

・Where is N? →  Nはどこですか?: sample: Where is your house? あなたの いえ は どこ(どちら)ですか?

Q: トイレはどこですか?

toilewa doko desuka?

Where is toilet?


Kono okuniarimasu.

Go straight and at the end there is toilet.

・Where do you V ? → どこに=どこへorどこで、Vますか?

Sample (どこに=どこへ to )Where do you go? どこに/どこへ いきますか?


dokoe ikimasuka?

Where do you go?

A: アメリカにいきます。

America ni ikimasu.

I go to America.

*be able to replace どこ with どちら→どこ=どちら


Sonofuku, doko de kaimashitaka?

Where did you buy the cloth?

A: H&Mでかいました。

H&M de kaimashita.  

I bought this at H&M.


doko de coffe wo nomimasuka?

Where do you drink coffee?


Starbucks desu.

We will be At Starbucks.

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