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Chapter 2-Lesson 1 ~できます I can~


Director: Kotaro Muramoto
Principal of Nihongo Online School
In September 2019, he founded "Nihongo Online School". Since then, has been teaching Japanese online lessons, with a total of over 1,000 students.
He has designed an individualized curriculum based on student’s needs and study goal. And is conscious of making the classes speech-centered in order to improve students’ speaking skills.
The school asks students to submit homework assignments worth 2 hours per lesson to improve faster. By supporting students with these features, students are able to efficiently improve Japanese language skills.

Chapter 2 Let’s study 5 very basic grammar part2

Lesson 1~できます I can~

You learn how to explain “ 〜できます=can〜” in Japanese.

 ✅ can V 〜: ①Verbことができます、you can also say ②Nounができます

 You can use this grammar when expresses ability,  such as driving, skiing, baseball, foreign language, and piano. When describing inability, the negative form of “できます”,  “できません”, is  used.

 Raj can speak Japanese. 

 ①ラジさんは    にほんごをはなすことが    できます。

 ②ラジさんは    にほんごが    できます

 Here is some examples.

 ★Let’s exercise

I can drive a car. 


Kurumawo untensuru kotogadekimasu


Kurumano unden ga dekimasu.

I can do cooking. 


Ryouri wo suru kotogadekimasu


Ryouri ga dekimasu.

I can swim.


Oyogu kotogadekimasu.

②すいえい ができます

Suiei ga dekimasu.

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