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[Total Support package] from studying Japanese to finding Engineering jobs in Japan from overseas.


Director: Kotaro Muramoto
Principal of Nihongo Online School
In September 2019, he founded "Nihongo Online School". Since then, has been teaching Japanese online lessons, with a total of over 1,000 students.
He has designed an individualized curriculum based on student’s needs and study goal. And is conscious of making the classes speech-centered in order to improve students’ speaking skills.
The school asks students to submit homework assignments worth 2 hours per lesson to improve faster. By supporting students with these features, students are able to efficiently improve Japanese language skills.

Career support is for students studying Japanese at Nihongo Online School. We start [Total package] from studying Japanese to finding engineering jobs in Japan from overseas. If you are looking for opportunity to work and live in Japan, this package works for you.

★「Nihongo Online School 」 support you to improve Japanese Level enough to apply for jobs in Japan.
to JLPT N3〜N2 level. In September 2019, “Nihongo Online School” was started. Since then, the company has been providing Japanese online education to students who lives in Japan and overseas, with a total of over 1,000 students.

★「JOBs Japan 」 support you to find engineering jobs in Japan. Since 2021, the company has been helping IT software and Mechanical/Electrical engineers from more than 15 countries, including those from Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States, to find new jobs. Check more about JOBs Japan
・IT: software engineer
・Manufacturing: Mechanical and electrical engineer

Main contents included in the [Total Support Package]

Private Japanese Lesson from N5〜N4 level to reach at JLPT N3〜N2 Level

Our Online School offers online 1:1 Japanese lessons with English support to anyone, anywhere in the world via Skype. Nihongo Online School private Skype lessons are perfect for anyone who wants a personalized and effective remote studying experience.Learn from qualified teachers, and use original course material to improve your Japanese language level all from the comfort of your home.

Resume support・Practice for Job interviews

Careful support for resume writing and interview preparation necessary for employment.

Career coaching for career development in Japan

Career coaching for career development is provided by our qualified consultants. Let’s have discussion for your career enhancement in Japan as an engineer! 

Support applying for jobs

We support you in applying to a wide range of companies hiring engineer from overseas through our own network.

Support for Working VISA procedure

We support you with the necessary documentation procedures for preparing working VISA as an engineer.

Interview we studied Japanese and worked together to get a Job in Japan 

▶︎She had studied Japanese with us for 12 month while she was in the U.S, and improved Japanese language to N2 related level, also prepared for job interviews. Successfully she got a job offer from one of the global IT company and moved to Japan. She is currently living in Tokyo and working at global IT company. We are happy we could support her career enhancement in Japan. Congratulations! 

▶︎After he moved to Japan, he was looking for software engineering jobs in Osaka area. We worked together from our network and connection with company actively hiring engineer from overseas. He got an offer from one of a Japanese company in Osaka after 2~3 month, and joined the company. We are happy we could support his career enhancement in Japan. Congratulations!

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Based on your current Japanese level, you study Japanese with Japanese qualified teacher by one-one, Skype, looking for reaching at N3~N2 level. And if get ready for preparing job hunting process, we move to sessions with our qualified career consultant to seek for your opportunities in Japan and support you to get an engineering jobs in Japan.

If you currently live in overseas and looking for chance to work in Japan, we are happy to support your journey! If you have more questions or more discussion about course plan, please send us contact below.

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