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【numbers】-Lesson 2-3 How to tell Time, Month, Date じかん、ひづけ


Lesson 2じかん(時間)のいいかた How to tell time

You learn how to explain “じかんの いいかた =How to tell time ” in Japanese.

When you tell time, usually you say the “じ(hour)”, ふん(minute)”, and occasionally “びょう(second)”. Number + じ + Number + ふん/ぷん” is the basic form. For example, 01:25=1 じ 25 ふん  、   05:40 = 5 じ 40 ぷん      

[count hour]
1じ:ichi ji  いちじ
2じ:ni ji にじ
3じ:san ji  さんじ
4じ:yo ji  
5じ:go ji  ごじ
6じ:roku ji  ろくじ
7じ:shichi ji  しち
8じ:hachi ji  はちじ
9じ:ku ji  
10じ:juu ji じゅうじ
11じ:juuichi ji じゅういちじ
12じ:juuni ji じゅうにじ

Please note that for “4”, you should say ” よ じ “, instead of ” よ ん じ “.  Likewise, “7” and “9” are also read irregularly; “しち” and “く” are read as  “しちじ”and “くじ”.

※when you ask time, you say “nanji=なんじ?”

Here is some examples.

★Let’s exercise

Q: なんじにしごとがはじまりますか?

Nanji Ni shigoto ga hajimarimasuka?

What time does work start?

A: まいにち、9じにはじまります。

Mainichi, kujini hajimarimasu.

It starts 9am everyday.

Q: まいあさ、なんじにおきますか?

Maiasa, nanji ni okimasuka?

What time do you wake up every morning?

A: まいにち、7じにおきます。

Mainichi, shichiji ni okimasu. 

I wake up 7am every day.

[count minute 分(ふん/ぷん)]

basically, number + ふん(hun) ,such as 5分=called ご+ふん go+hun

but, the numbers that end up with “0”, its called “juppun=じゅっぷん”.

10分 じゅっぷん juppun 

20分 にじゅっぷん ni juppun 

30分 さんじゅっぷん san juppun 

40分 よんじゅっぷん yon juppun 

50分 ごじゅっぷん go juppun 

60分 ろくじゅっぷん roku juppun 

Lesson 3ひづけのいいかた How to tell month/date

Here,  You learn how to explain “ひづけのいいかた =How to tell month and date” in use
If you would like to say birth date, such as I was born in [12 March, 1990] in Japanese, we say 1990ねん 3 がつ 12 にち.

the format is “ねん(year)”, “がつ(month)”, and ” にち(day)”.
Number+ねん+Number+がつ+Number+にち is the basic form.

月(がつ)  Month

We call April for si gatsu

4月 よん   し がつ

We call July for sichi gatsu

7月 なな   → しち がつ

We call November for ku gatsu9月 きゅう  →く がつ


Nihondewa, yukiwa itsukara furimasuka? 

When does it star snowing in Japan? 

Juunigatsu korokara furimasu.

It start snowing around December.

There’re many irregular forms of “にち”, especially from 1 to 10.                                             

It’s essential to remember how to read each date from the 1st to the 10th.

When there is “4”, it’s called yokka.

4日、14日、24日 よんにち →よっか

When there is “7”, it’s called sichi.

17日、27日 ななにち → しち 

When there is “9”, it’s called ku.19日、29日 きゅう   → く


Anatano  tanjoubiwa itsudesuka?

When is your birth day ? 

A:5がつ23にち です。
Gogatsu njuusan nichi desu.

it is May 23th.

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