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interrogative-Lesson 3 いつ~? When


In this article, You can learn how to explain “ “いつ=when.… ” in Japanese. We often use interrogative word in daily conversations when i ask something. It’s very simple and often used, so let’s remember this!

✅ when〜?=いつ〜?🇯🇵

★ Here, we learn the basic Japanese sentence pattern

・When is N?=Nはいつですか?

・When do you V ?=いつVますか?

Here is some examples.

★Let’s exercise


Anatano tanjoubiwa itsudesuka?

When is your birthday?


5gatsu23nichi desu.

It is May 23th.

Q: いつ、たいわんにいきますか?

itsu, Taiwan ni ikimasuka?

When will you go to Taiwan?

A: 7(しち)がつに いくよていです。

Shichi gatsu ni iku yoteidesu.

I am planning to go there in July.


itsu, nihonni modorimasuka?

When will you come back to Japan?

A: らいげつ、もどるよていです。

Raigetsu, modoru yoteidesu.

I will be back next month.

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