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Chapter 3 interrogative – Lesson 1 なに~? What


Director: Kotaro Muramoto
Principal of Nihongo Online School
In September 2019, he founded "Nihongo Online School". Since then, has been teaching Japanese online lessons, with a total of over 1,000 students.
He has designed an individualized curriculum based on student’s needs and study goal. And is conscious of making the classes speech-centered in order to improve students’ speaking skills.
The school asks students to submit homework assignments worth 2 hours per lesson to improve faster. By supporting students with these features, students are able to efficiently improve Japanese language skills.

Lesson 1 なに~? What

You learn how to explain “なに、なん〜=what… ” in Japanese.


What do you V ? 何(なに)をVますか?

what will/do you do? 何(なに)をしますか?

what time/date/year:何(なん)じ?/何(なん)にち?/何(なん)ねん?

what kind of A  どんなA : what kind of food do you like? どんな たべものがすきですか?

Q:明日(あす)なにを しますか? 

asu naniwo shimasuka? 

What will you do tomorrow?

A:明日(あす)は、日本語(にほんご)の勉強(べんきょう)をします。asuwa nihongo no benkyo wo shimasu.

I will study japanese tomorrow.

Q:これは なんの ほんですか?

Korewa nanno hon desuka?

What book is this?

A: これは、にほんごの きょうかしょです。

Korewa nihongono kyoukasyo desu. 

It is Japanese textbook.

Q:なんじに あいましょうか?

nanji ni aimasyouka?

What time do we meet?

A:2じに あいましょう。

niji ni aimasyou.

Let’s meet at 2 pm.


Donna eigaga sukidesuka?

what kind of movie do you like?


Harry potter ga sukidesu.

I like Harry Potter.

Q: どんなくるまがほしいですか?

Donna kurumaga hoshiidesuka?

what kind of car do you want ? 


Toyota ga hoshiidesu.

I want TOYOTA.


Naniwo kaimashitaka?

What did you buy?

A: iPhone をかいました。

iPhone wo kaimashita.

I bought iPhone.

Q: おひるごはんは、なにを たべたいですか?

Ohirugohanwa, naniwo tabetaidesuka?

What do you want to eat for lunch?


Ramenwo tabetaidesu.

I want to eat Ramen.  

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