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しごとの日本語 メールの書き方

Japanese business emails contain many frequently used phrases and fixed expressions. Create emails to suit business situations, such as requests, reports, apologies, and refusals.
Practice writing emails that are easy to understand and polite to the recipient.

コマ数 レッスンテーマ/ビジネス場面
1 2~ Request Request for postponement of delivery date, reminder to send materials
2 2~ Inquiry Inquiry about stock status
3 2~ Confirmation Confirm payment method
4 2~ Answer Inventory status answer
5 2~ Notification (external) Sending materials, notification of price increase
6 2~ Information (external) New product training information
7 2~ Receipt Receipt of goods
8 2~ Consent Acceptance of postponement of delivery date
9 2~ To thank Thank you for your order
10 2~ Apology Delay in delivery, mix of defective products
11 2~ Refusal Declining a trading request
12 2~ Escalation Connect with the person in charge as a point of contact
13 2~ Notification (internal) Maintenance
14 2~ Information (in-house) Regular meeting
15 2~ Report (internal) meeting minutes
16 2~ Application (in-house) Application for use of equipment
17 2~ Greet Greetings on arrival
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