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In the first half, you will learn Japanese conversation and basic work flow that can be used in practical situations, and in the second half, you will learn about Japanese corporate culture.
Through assignments, students gain deep insight into different cultures and develop the ability to correctly deal with problems that occur within them.
Both the first half and the second half incorporate role-play techniques and engage in activities that are similar to actual business situations.

コマ数 レッスンテーマ/ビジネス場面 レッスン内容
2~4 Self-introduction outside the company, etc. ・Introduce yourself in an orderly and concise manner that leaves a lasting impression within the company.
・Self-introduction and small talk outside the company ・Ability to use cushion words and humble language
2~4 Telephone support (receiving, passing on, receiving messages, etc.) ・Use honorific language to answer telephone calls, pass calls, and receive messages.
・Able to use informal and formal language.
2~4 Make/change appointments ・Make an appointment to explain new products
・If you suddenly have something to do, change the appointment order so that the other person can understand and not be rude.
2~4 Join a meeting ・Participate in meetings and express your opinions clearly and clearly
・Able to disagree, give instructions, and make suggestions
2~4 Receive a complaint
Complaint response expression
・Able to respond and use expressions when receiving complaints
・Able to apologize politely and with sincerity
2~4 Report a complaint ・Receive complaints and report to superiors
・Report complaints and explain how to deal with them
2~4 Handle complaints ・How to deal with a complaint and express your intention to investigate the cause
・Explain the cause/apologize
2~4 Propose at a meeting ・Propose new customer development to promote sales
・State the likelihood of success
2~4 Develop new customers ・Explain the situation and ask for an introduction to someone you know.
・Able to use vocabulary and expressions when requesting introductions
2~4 Make an appointment with a new customer ・You can adjust schedules to make appointments with introduced new customers.
・Corporate culture・Think about what goals to set
2~4 Proceed with negotiations ・Start with a small talk and explain the company’s stance
・Describe the benefits of purchasing
・Request for consideration
2~4 Talk politely with customers ・Make a reminder call when there is no contact
・Describe the benefits of the transaction and request a meeting with your boss.
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