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人を動かす! 実戦ビジネス日本語会話 中級2

Acquire “conversation skills to move others” in business situations!
The lessons consist of “Text Conversation”, “Expressions”, “Discourse Practice 1”, and “Discourse Practice 2”, with the aim of helping students communicate smoothly through thorough conversation practice.
In particular, during conversation practice, you can practice with an awareness of how to conduct and develop conversations depending on the situation, so you can apply them to actual business situations.

コマ数 レッスンテーマ/ビジネス場面 レッスン内容
1 2~4 Greeting those who have supported you 1. Talking about transferring, quitting work, etc. in front of people from the office
2. Talking about transferring, quitting work, etc. to a client
2 2~4 Making a proposal to a client 1. Reporting survey results
2. Calming someone’s worries
3 2~4 Holding a party for a project 1. Showing gratitude to someone
2. Receiving and returning compliments
4 2~4 Dealing with trouble 1. Explaining trouble to your boss
2. Reporting to your boss
5 2~4 Talking about moving 1. Asking someone close to you for a difficult favor
2. Setting conditions
6 2~4 Having a lunch meeting 1. Giving your impressions of a product
2. Brainstorming ideas with co-workers
7 2~4 Getting approached with a business idea 1. Making small talk before getting into the main topic
2. Approaching someone with a business idea
8 2~4 Talking about work with your wife 1. Consulting with someone
2. Offering to give help
9 2~4 Discussing with your business partner 1. Giving a presentation
2. Having a Q&A session
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