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In a short period of time, you can learn the basics necessary for Japanese business (honorific expressions, business etiquette, etc.). All lessons are organized by function, and the aim is to acquire Japanese that can be used in each business situation. At this level, the goal is to facilitate smooth communication, mainly in internal interactions, through everyday business situations such as making introductions, making phone calls, getting permission, and making appointments. We aim to establish business Japanese with a focus on role play.

コマ数 レッスンテーマ/ビジネス場面 レッスン内容
1 2~4 Introduce Introduce yourself
Greet people from other companies
Introduce your company to competitors
2 2~4 Greet When you take a day off or leave work early
When we met for the first time in a while
To celebrate
When leaving the company or transferring
3 2~4 Making/receiving calls Report absence
Ask for a message
Check message
Ask the other person’s company name and name
4 2~4 Give attention/receive attention Give attention, receive attention, apologize
Complain to/receive/apologize to someone at another company
5 2~4 Make a request/refuse a request Ask your boss
Confirm that the request has been made
Refuse the boss’s request
Negotiate the price
Refuse a solicitation
6 2~4 Get permission Ask your boss for permission
Ask permission from other companies
7 2~4 Make an appointment Make appointments with people at your company or other companies (ask for permission, make suggestions)
Make an appointment with someone you don’t know
Change the promise
8 2~4 Visit Ask for help
Ask how to read the name
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